ZVEX Reveal the Psychedelic Vibrophase Vibrato and Phaser

By May 17, 2018News, Pedals

Inspired by their utterly unique Candela Vibrophase (yes, it’s actually powered by a candle), ZVEX have just unveiled the Vibrophase stompbox.

The quintessential sound of psychedelia: the Vibrophase from ZVEX is a new stompbox that dishes up old-school wobble and slo-mo phasing.

The pedal presents a simple interface, with pretty self-explanatory knobs for speed, feedback and a rotary dial for shifting between vibrato and phase settings.

The high bias and low limit function as quasi EQ settings where you can sweep and focus the modulated tones around particular parts of the frequency spectrum.

The simplicity of the workflow belies the sophistication of what’s under the hood. It’s essentially a homage to the circuitry of vibrato/phaser units of the past, which is easy to hear in the demo video.

Check out ZVEX for more information.

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