ZVEX Effects Unveil New Germanium Woolly Mammoth Mod Pedal

By July 25, 2018Pedals

Zachary Vex Effects has announced a new Germanium Mod replacement for its popular Woolly Mammoth pedal.

The new modified version of the pedal will replace the standard silicon transistors with germanium transistors, creating distorted overtones “reminiscent of a Fender Rhodes or a Wurlitzer keyboard.”

“An unexpected delight”: ZVEX Effects have shared details of their new Germanium Mod update of the Woolly Mammoth pedal.

This is not your father’s Woolly Mammoth,” the company say.

It’s pretty delightful and definitely much different from the sort of brick-wall character of the original Woolly.”

You can really extract a nuanced flavour because it has such a dynamic relationship with your fingers. It’s an unexpected delight.”

The new pedal can be ordered in Australia now through Global Vintage for $349.




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