Zoom Announces the Striking ARQ AR-48 Production Tool

By October 11, 2017News, Production, Recording, Synths

Zoom has introduced the ARQ AR-48, an all-in-one production and performance instrument.

The Zoom ARQ AR-48 is a unique instrument that accomplishes a range of production tasks and offers an entirely new way to perform.

The device offers a diversity of production capabilities, including step-sequencing, looping and clip launching. As a performer the ARQ AR-48 is a synth, drum machine and MIDI controller.

It also possesses the connectivity sought after in studio situations – with the ability to capture audio via USB, SD card or mini-jack and stereo line, headphone and MIDI outputs.

Most interestingly though, the instrument offers an unusual way to perform and create, with its circular interface and workflow. Far from a traditional music-making gadget, it crams a lot of options into a single piece of hardware and offers an adventurous way to create music.

Visit Zoom to find out more.

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