Zeppelin Design Labs Launches the Altura MkII Theremin and MIDI Controller

By August 13, 2019News, Outboard, Synths
Altura MkII front view

In its own right, the theremin is an incredibly expressive instrument. But what if you could take that technique and apply it to a range of new sounds? Zeppelin Design Labs offers just that with their new instrument, the Altura MkII.

Since the ’20s, the Leon Theremin’s invention has been synonymous with spooky soundtracks and the avant-garde. Zeppelin Design Labs’ new device lets you apply those smooth movements to arpeggios and synth sounds. Plus, you can build it yourself.

Altura MkII front view

With the Altura MkII, Zeppelin Design Labs have unlocked the expressive power of the theremin, applying to any MIDI enabled instrument.

A traditional theremin controls pitch and dynamics as you move your hands around the instrument’s aerial. The Altura Mk II takes on these principles and adds to them. Here’s how they explain it:

As you move your hands  in the air, the Altura MkII transmits MIDI data to your synthesizer to control pitch, volume, velocity, bend, modulation, portamento, and more!

The new instrument comes in different forms. You can go for the full DIY experience and save yourself some money, but you will need to do some basic soldering. Alternatively, you can get one pre made and ready to play straight out of the box.

Visit the Zeppelin Design Labs website for all the details.

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