Z.Vex is Finally Being Transparent With the New Fuzz Factory Clear

By May 14, 2019News, Pedals
Fuzz Factory Clear

The latest from Z.Vex offers transparent drive and crystal-clear highs, well kind of. The new Fuzz Factory Clear is a limited-edition, hand-wired version of Zachary Vex’s famous effect.

Fuzz Factory Clear

Now let’s be clear, Z.Vex’s new limited edition Fuzz Factory comes with a completely see-through Lexan enclosure.

It’s kind of cool being able to see the guts of a pedal as you step on it. Z.Vex’s latest rendition of the classic Fuzz Factory comes with an all new see-through but durable Lexan enclosure. There’s even clear knobs and a blue LED, so there’s no way you’ll mistake it for anything else.

Just like it’s pigmented forefathers, the Fuzz Factory Clear is a staple for making noise, screeching fuzz sounds and strange oscillation effects. It’s got the same five knobs as any version – volume, comp, gate, drive and stab, so you can dial in fuzz tones to your heart’s content.

If you’re interested in a Fuzz that really does look like no other, you better get in quick, this thing is limited edition. Head on over to Z.Vex’s website for more information.

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