Z. Vex Introduce New Super Duper 2 IN 1, Based off The Doomy Sunn Concert Bass Amp

By June 26, 2018News, Pedals
Super Duper Concert Bass Mod

Z. Vex Effects has unveiled the new limited edition Super Duper Concert Bass Mod, attempting to recreate the doomy sound of the legendary Sunn Concert Bass amp.

Super Duper Concert Bass Mod

Thanks to Z. Vex, the sludgy tones of Sunn’s iconic solid-state bass head is now available in pedal form with the new Super Duper Concert Bass Mod.

With the new pedal, Z. Vex looked to capture the essence of the original solid-state amplifier. Company founder Zachary Vex calls the legendary amp “a solid state monster with distinct distortion and low end popular with enthusiasts of downtuned, primal, and punishing guitarists and bassists.”

It has been voiced so input and output capacitors retain low-end, giving instruments “sharp teeth,” while still maintaining an organic sound. It’s suitable for both bass and guitar alike.

This is an interesting, aggressive, solid-state tone,” Vex says. Check out the new Super Duper Concert Bass Mod in action below.

You can get your hands on the Super Duper Concert Bass Mod now. Head over to the Z. Vex website for more information.

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