Your Mix Sucks: The New Self Help Book From Waves

Your Mix Sucks Marc Mozart

When scrolling down the nearly endless list of Waves plugins it’s surprising to see one of their newest products, Your Mix Sucks. This new Waves edition of Marc Mozart’s (Lil Wayne, DMX) bestseller is a must-have for any producer or mix engineer. Award-winning mix engineer Marc Mozart’s original book of the same title detailed his expert knowledge, now he has teamed up with Waves to give us this exceptional compact course.

Your Mix Sucks contains 14 chapters to help you, from DAW preparation to delivery. The book’s principles can be applied to any DAW including Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Ableton and more.

Unlock your potential. Your Mix Sucks is the new Waves and Marc Mozart Collaboration guaranteed to make you a mixing mastermind.

The course details valuable mixing techniques and principles with chapters like Parallel Processing and The Magic of the First Listen. Methods are broken down into easy-to-follow steps with plugin examples and recommendations for the various applications throughout the book.

Waves recommends using the book while mixing to learn chronologically through all of your mixes. Your Mix Sucks is available in an eBook and PDF format, optimised for reading on computer screens as well as on tablets and smartphones.

Those looking to grab a copy, or simply want more info can do so here.

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