Wooden Sounds on an FM Synth Made Easy in this Video

A fascinating video from Element 433 explains how to create a variety of wooden mallet-type timbres using an FM synth.

Watch and learn as an expert takes you through the parameters for creating elemental tones on an FM synth. This video tutorial is inspired wooden textures.

This is the second instalment in the FM Catalogue of Materials series, as Element 433 has already released a video based on metal.

Element 433 explains that, “The idea behind this series is to provide the most universal F.M. parameters (mainly frequency ratio data) from which to create variations of the “material” timbres in the videos.

The video’s creator goes on to describe the specifics:

LFO. This is the most important parameter for creating the “woodiness”.

“The LFO wave must be a random wave (sometimes called Sample and Hold) Set the speed to max and then dial in depth/intensity until you get the wood texture. You will also notice it creates ambient reverberation.”

So, it could be time to dust off your own FM synth and go deep with some new sounds.

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