Witness an Insane, Fully Operational Paper Piano in Action

By May 23, 2019Keys, News
paper piano working piano model zholner piano

Aliaksei Zholner specialises in creating cardboard models of steam engines and reed pipes among other examples. Now he’s created a fully functional paper piano, complete with a demonstration.

paper piano working piano model zholner piano

Sometimes you just have scratch your head and think, how? Aliaksei Zholner has come up with a micro masterpiece in the form of a paper piano. Plus, it works.

The video cleverly summarises the build from the frame of the piano, the “strings” (which are in fact thin strips of cardboard – and tuned, by the way!), the keyboard, complete with hammer action, and exterior soundboard. All this ingenuity is packed within a device that makes a toy piano look like a grand.

He tops it off by playing a few classic piano tunes, like Beethoven’s Für Elise and Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer.

Stay tuned to Zholner’s YouTube channel for ingenuous cardboard creations.

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