Win a Model D Minimoog Played By Stevie Wonder

By March 27, 2019News, Synths

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced the prize for its annual vintage synth raffle, a Model D Minimoog signed by Stevie Wonder. The unit on offer bears the serial number 8207 and was built at Moog’s Williamsville factory. It has been fully restored and is said to be in excellent condition given the age. It’s estimated the synth is worth over $5000.


For this year’s annual vintage synth raffle The Bob Moog Foundation is offering a mint Model D Minimoog Played By Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder played the instrument himself and his unique fingerprint signature is displayed on brass under a perspex cover on the instrument.

“This year’s prize has been signed by the legendary Stevie Wonder, whose career has helped shape popular music and inspired people worldwide. Stevie pioneered the use of synthesizers integrated seamlessly with acoustic sounds, which influenced the development of electronic music,” states The Bob Moog Foundation.

The raffle is open now and ends at 11:59 pm on April 22nd, or when all 5,000 tickets are sold. It’s $25 an entry, or five for $100, all available through The Bob Moog Foundation’s website.

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