Will Guitto’s GBP Pedal Board Series Spell the End for Velcro?

By June 12, 2019News, Pedals
GBP Pedal Boards Series

For over 60 years Velcro has been a hot favourite for sticking things down, from your shoes, to the guitar pedals that they step on. But does it need a rethink? Well, with the new GBP Pedal Board, the crew down at Guitto definitely think so.

GBP Pedal Boards Series

Will it stick? The release of Guitto’s GBP Pedal Board Series may spell the end for stomp-box velcro as we know it.

Guitto’s new GBP Pedal Board Series comes equipped with a new latching system for fixing pedals to the board. There are three models in the new range the GBP-01, GBP-02, GBP-03, each has a system of rails with four groves, through which the clamps or ‘Future Blocks’ as Guitto calls them, are screwed.

A power supply can even be mounted underneath the board with a similar clamping mechanism. If you’re not a fan of velcro then Guitto’s new board will provide a very welcome alternative. There are no words on pricing yet, however as a daughter company to JOYO, you could assume that these boards will be competitively priced.

For more information take a look at Guitto’s website.

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