When Too Many Voices is Not Enough: XiLS-lab drop PolyM, a Faithful Virtual Recreation of the Polymoog

By July 4, 2017News, Synths
PolyM moog

The PolyM has just been announced by developers XiLS-lab and promises to deliver a faithful homage to the Polymoog in virtual instrument form.


XiLS-lab have just dropped PolyM – a faithful homage to the classic Moog Polymoog Analog Synthesiser in virtual instrument form.

The PolyM highlights the revolutionary aspects of the original, with a whopping 71 voices of polyphony, each with sculpting options such as filters, VCA, pulse width modulation and an envelope generator.

Another unique feature that the PolyM brings to the table is the Two Top Octave Divider oscillators, which provides deep and lush phasing.

The original has an organ-like aesthetic, with knobs and sliders ergonomically arrayed on two tiers. The plug-in matches its tactile functionality, with heaps of signal shaping options carefully spread across the user interface.

This is a deeply idiosyncratic and versatile instrument that provides leads, pads and basses that are hard to match. Check out the XILS-lab website for details.

As a special introductory offer, it’s currently avaliable for 99 euros ($147 AUD), instead of the usual 149 euros ($220 AUD). Get on it.

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