Waves Release New All-In-One CLA Mixdown Plug-In In Collaboration with Mixing Luminary Chris Lord-Alge

By July 12, 2017Mixing, News, Software
CLA Mixdown

Mixing luminary Chris Lord-Alge has added another chapter to his celebrated collaboration with Waves – the CLA Mixdown.

CLA Mixdown

Waves have just released a new all-in-one CLA Mixdown plug-in in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer and mixing luminary Chris Lord-Alge.

Lord-Alge has lent his name and considerable skill to creating instrument specific tone-shapers for drums, bass and vocals and also his take on the classic 1176 and LA2A compressor/limiters.

As for the Mixdown, the man himself labels it the “Go to plugin for your mix bus” – and when you look at CLA’s resume, you kind of have to take his word for it. The plugin is modelled on Lord-Alge’s own studio setup and settings. Incorporating this wealth of knowledge and artistry into a simple user interface would have been no small feat.

It includes four faders covering bass, treble, glue (two types of analog compression) and drive (analog console overdrive for enhancing harmonic distortion).

Head over to Waves website to check it out and nap an introductory bargain price of $29.

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