Waves Dives Deep into the Subharmonic with Submarine

By May 15, 2019Mixing, News, Software

Unlocking that bottom octave has long since been a challenge for mix engineers. Now Waves have come up with their own solution: the Submarine plugin.

Clarity and weight in the bottom end is an imperative in modern production. With Submarine, Waves has offered engineers a way to add that heft and energy to the mix.

Of course, we could all just reach for the EQ and crank up anything below 50Hz. But that “solution” is decidedly unsophisticated when compared with Waves’ new invention. Here’s how they explain their method:

Submarine’s innovative Organic ReSynthesis engine strips the original signal down to its core elements—carrier, pitch, formant, and envelope— processes them individually, and then reconstructs the audio to create brand new sub frequencies which retain the exact pitch and time of the original signal.”

So, instead of adding a whole heap of unwanted rumble to the mix, the new plugin adds power while maintaining tightness and clarity.

Head over to Waves for more information.

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