Waves Celebrates its 25th Birthday with Three classic Plugin Reissues

By September 29, 2017News, Software

Plugin veterans Waves is now 25 years old (hard to believe right?). To commemorate this milestone, they are putting out reissues of three of their most popular audio tools – AudioTrack channel strip, the Q10 EQ and the L1 Ultramaximizer.

Waves is releasing three reissues in honour of its 25th birthday. The plugins have updated user interfaces and new functions.

The three pieces of software cover a lot of sound processing needs in any given signal chain. AudioTrack emulates a console channel strip in its all purpose approach, containing a four-band EQ, compression and gating.

A deeper EQ analysis is provided by Q10 – as the name suggests, you get up to 10 bands of EQ, with selectable control on each of those bands. The new updated version of the plugin also contains proportional Q, making for more natural bandwidth selections when boosting or cutting.

Everyone’s favourite mastering buddy is back in the form of the L1 Ultramaximizer. It’s famous for it’s clarity and punch, and now with it’s ability to prevent intersample clipping with its True Peak domain setting, you can get even more out of this mix bus tool.

Visit Waves for more details.

Via Music Radar.

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