Waveform is a Free Magazine All About Synthesizers

By June 5, 2019News, Synths
waveform free magazine synth electronic music

Waveform is a new print and web magazine that focuses on synths and electronic music. The mag aims to be the Tape Op equivalent for synth enthusiasts. waveform free magazine synth electronic music

Can’t get enough stories about your favourite synths and electronic musicians? Waveform is a new print and online magazine for you to dive into.

All about “synthesizers and those who inhabit that world”, the mag kicks off with some heavy hitters in issue number 1. It includes interviews with Suzanne Ciani, Dave Smith, Folktek and more. It’s also packed with shop talk, gear reviews, music reviews and more.

Though you have to be in the States to receive the free print copy, you can visit the website to subscribe to the digital version.

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