Watch YouTuber Rob Scallon Demo the ‘Guitendo’

By November 26, 2018Guitar, News

It’s time to scratch up on the Super Mario Theme, because you can now buy a guitar that doubles up as a functioning Nintendo console, courtesy of the Echo Canyon Guitar Company. YouTube guitarist Rob Scallon has given a fitting tribute to the console by jamming out to Super Mario 3.


Combine your two favourite pastimes with the ‘Guitendo’ by the Echo Canyon Guitar Company, a guitar made from a fully functioning Nintendo NDS console.

The guitar part of Echo Canyon’s design uses a pretty standard six strings and a bridge with a single humbucker pickup controlled by a one volume knob. It even comes in left-handed guise at no extra cost! The body is an original Nintendo NES, but if you didn’t grow up as a Nintendo kid, Echo Canyon can also craft guitars and basses from Super NES, Sega, Famicom and Playstation consoles.

Until recently Echo Canyon did not offer a functioning console with the package and it was just a very strange take on a recycled parts guitar, however, thanks to an emulator you can now play all of your favourite games from the original Nintendo console.

“It’s not just a functional guitar, it’s also a functional Nintendo… It has the new midi NES in it and it’s modded, so it works,” said Scallon, visibly having a lot of fun with the instrument/console.

Scallon is currently offering a giveaway through Reverb, but for more information on the quirky axe check out the product page.

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