Watch Tycho Messing Around In The Studio With Joel From Chase Bliss Audio

By March 2, 2018News, Synths

Tycho is one of those artists who is blissfully active on social media, forever posting updates about what he’s working on and snaps of his tinkerings in the studio. Anyone who’s a fan and also a bit of a gearhead would relish his Instagram feed, which is constantly updated with snaps of synths, outboard gear, guitars and guitar pedals.

Tycho Chase Bliss

Photo via FBI Radio

Watch Tycho take Chase Bliss Audio mastermind Joel Korte through his studio and show him how he uses the pedals in his tracks.

When it comes to the latter, any of his followers would have noticed he’s quite the fan of Chase Bliss pedals. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Tycho – aka Scott Hansen – is the first artist to feature on ‘This Is How I Bliss’ – a series of videos exploring how musicians and/or producers use Chase Bliss pedals in the real world.

In the video, Hansen takes Chase Bliss mastermind Joel Korte through his studio, showing him a couple of examples of how he uses the pedals in his tracks, and noodles around with a Korg MonoPoly with a few of the Chase Bliss gems.

Ace video, we can’t wait to see more. Watch it below.

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