Watch Paul Hartnoll From Orbital Show Off His Live Synth Setup

By December 5, 2018News, Synths

Pioneering producer and half of the electronic group Orbital, Paul Hartnoll, yesterday showed Fact Magazine some tasty trinkets in his Brighton studio. Earlier this year Paul Hartnoll and his brother Phil released their first studio album in six years, Monsters Exit and now the duo are preparing for a comprehensive tour of the US and the UK.


Gaze in awe as Paul Hartnoll shows off his extensive synthesiser control room that has been instrumental in the Orbital live sound.

During the late ’80s and early ’90s, Orbital was instrumental in the development of the early rave scene and for almost three decades have cultivated a distinctly experimental sound. One of their key elements is their continuing pursuit of improvisation during live performances, which can be a bit of a rarity in the electronic scene.

It’s no secret that part of their sound is due to a smorgasbord of synths and samplers, from the cutting edge to the very vintage. One of Hartnoll’s favourites is a Roland Jupiter 6, which he interestingly prefers to the bigger Jupiter 8 for its punchier, more individual sound.

A newer piece of kit is the Novation Bass Station 2, which he uses liberally for lead lines because of its ‘Rolandesque’ sound, “It’s going to sound rude but it has this kind of sharp Roland sound, but with the distortion, you can really warm it up.”

Perhaps the rarest and most interesting instruments is a very vintage Putney Mk1. Hartnell states “Modern stuff just doesn’t sound like this… it just has the biggest mojo.”

Check out his awesome collection below.

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