Watch Look Mum No Computer Circuit Bend an Electronic Bible

By October 22, 2018News, Synths
look mum no computer

Have you ever wanted to circuit bend your electric Bible reader? No…? Didn’t think so. Well just in case you did, the mad genius of synthesis, Look Mum No Computer’s Sam Battle, has provided a step-by-step guide.

The Wonder Bible, or the Bible that speaks, is a handy bit of kit that retells out loud the whole Old and New Testament. However, after DeadMaus dared Sam Battle to circuit bend the God-box via Twitter, he had no choice but to pursue a very avant-garde take on Bible readings.

look mum no computer

Everyone’s favourite synth wizard, Look Mum No Compter’s Sam Battle, has completed one of his craziest projects to date – circuit bending a Wonder Bible.

Battle pursued the challenge, but found the process was actually a lot more difficult than he had expected.

“I started working on it. much to my dismay, it was absolutely un-circuit bendable. I was devastated, saying ‘sure I can do this’ and the IT DIDN’T WORKKKKK NOOOOO. So I had to think out of the box!”

Our hero decided to have another go, and with the help of a WAV trigger, available on the LMNC website, battle got the results he was looking for. Battle states that the trigger is “a precision oscillator which takes over the job of the clock crystal.” Well, it sure worked.

Now that’s some scripture I can get behind. For more information, as well as free samples, take a look at the Look Mum No Computer website, or check out the video below.

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