Watch Jimmy Page Announce New Signature Tele With Fender

By October 31, 2018Guitars, News
jimmy page tele

Led Zepp die hards, this is for you. In a video featuring Jimmy Page, Fender today announced a new signature telecaster. The new tele is based off Page’s 1959 model, which he used to record with the Yardbirds and the first Led Zeppelin album.

jimmy page tele

Photo by Jorgen Angel

Through the softly spoken voice of Jimmy Page, Fender has announced a new signature model, based on Page’s original 1959 Telecaster.

The guitar was originally gifted to Page from Jeff Beck in 1966 and sported a couple of custom redesigns in its lifetime. The first was a psychedelic mirror design and in the guitars later years, it received a dragon paint job and the name ‘Excalibur’.

Fender will release four versions of the guitar, a standard run and a custom shop run of each of page’s original custom designs. The limited edition custom shop models will be crafted by Fender builder Paul Waller before being signed by Page himself.

“It comes from Jeff and goes through the whole of the first album. … I wanted to recreate the original guitar so that it would travel beyond what it originally was,” states page in the video.

The guitar is set for release in January 2019, so if you’re a die hard Led Zeppelin fan you better get in early.

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