Watch DAE’s Mind Blowing Video Tribute to Pro Tools

By November 15, 2018News, Recording, Software

Yep, many of the world’s engineers, producers and music makers in the digital era have spent countless hours glued to the Pro Tools edit screen. But has it ever been used this creatively?

DAE has put out a video for “Where We’re Going” featuring the painstaking direction of Pro Tools devotee Zach “Reazon” Heiligman. It was four years in the making and took over 10,000 screenshots to put together.

DAE’s “Where We’re Going” is Reazon’s insanely painstaking music video. You’ll never look at the humble Pro Tools edit screen the same way again.

Here’s what the creator has to say about the work:

“After nearly half of my lifetime working in Pro Tools creating music, I decided I wanted to create something entirely different. I used the audio regions (waveforms) as a medium for stop motion animation by arranging them into the art you see on screen.”

Watch the video below:

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