Watch as Steve Albini Takes Us on a Tour of Electrical Audio

By March 29, 2019Miking, Mixing, News, Recording

Steve Albini has made a career of recording in his own way. In the latest video in EarthQuaker Devices’ “Show Us Your Junk!” series, Albini takes us through his own studio complex – Electrical Audio.

He sheds light on his recording philosophy, the unique acoustic spaces in the studio, and of course, his epic collection of gear.

Steve Albini’s approach is all about preserving the authenticity of the raw performance. Watch as he shows how it’s done on his home turf, Electrical Audio.

Based in Chicago, Electrical Audio is studio complex that offers up a range of different recording environments. Ranging in scale from the very live to deadness approaching anechoic chamber levels. Each room is designed for the best possible capture, with minimal fuss.

And alongside museum quality microphones and vintage analog consoles lie a collection of pedals that Albini describes as “the worst” – further underlining the truly eclectic nature of his studio.

Check out the video below.

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