Watch an Incredibly Authentic Tribute to the Pet Shop Boys

Rarely does a cover version of a song pay such close attention to the tonal signature of the original. This is exactly the case however, when Analogue Solutions recreated the Pet Shop Boys’ BBC performance of “Opportunities”.

Analogue Solutions have pulled off one of the most authentic cover versions ever. They assembled an all-star lineup of synths to recreate Pet Shop Boys’ “Opportunities”.

Analogue Solutions design, build and sell analogue synths, so they are well placed to curate such a collection of rare treats.

Just getting this collection of synths and samplers in one room would have been difficult enough, let alone getting them all to function and sync in a live performance.

The line up includes a Yamaha DX1 and DX7, Emu Emulator II, Technics PX1, Friendchip SRC, Fairlight CMI II and an upgraded CMI I.

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