Watch Andy Martin Demo his 7 Favourite Pedals From NAMM

By January 31, 2019News, Pedals
Andy Martin

Yep, it’s NAMM time again. It’s basically Christmas for gearheads, especially if you’re inclined to a pedal or two. But with hundreds of manufacturers and even more new releases, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Luckily, Reverb’s resident pedal wizard and popular cult figure, Andy Martin, volunteered to guide the way and picked his seven favourite pedals of the show.

Andy Martin

Want a tour of the best pedal effects at NAMM 2019? Just follow Reverb’s resident pedal wizard, Andy Martin as he demos his favourites from the show.

If you’ve ever spent way too many hours on Youtube looking at pedal demos, you’d know that Andy knows his shit. This man has an uncanny ability to be able to make a pedals sing just as they were designed. For this years NAMM, Andy picked out a few that got him excited, and let’s be real if they get Andy excited, they must be pretty special.

Some of his favourites include new releases from the likes of Chase Bliss Audio, SolidFoldFX, Catalinbread and ThropyFX. I was particularly mesmerised by his dreamy demo of the new Strymon Volonte. Also exciting is an insane new fuzz from Beetronics, the Swarm Fuzz Harmonizer, man I wish I could play like that…

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