Watch Andy Hanging Out With Dan and Mick From ‘That Pedal Show’

By October 29, 2018News, Pedals
andy on the pedal show

Finally, the ultimate crossover episode! For those a little obsessed with small boxes of wire and metal, you might have heard of ‘That Pedal Show,’ a YouTube channel hosted by Dan and Mick, covering everything in the world of pedals. If you know them, you definitely know Andy Martin, aka the ‘Pedal Whisperer’, or the ‘King of YouTube demos’. Andy has become something of a legend after demoing pedals from ProGuitarShop on YouTube, before making the move over to Reverb. Let’s just say the guy knows what he’s doing.

andy on the pedal show

Legendary YouTube pedal tester Andy Martin dropped by to hang out and stomp on pedals with Dan and Mick from ‘That Pedal Show’.

There’s just something in the way that Andy tests pedals. He knows exactly what each pedal needs to sound its best and just the right lick to play. He is one of the originals of pedal testing on YouTube, no wonder Dan and Mick both had a bit of fanboy moment on their latest episode.

The duo proclaimed how much of an influence Andy had been on them starting their channel, before sitting back and letting Andy do what he does best. The trio continued to test pedals and chat about everything from Fenders to fuzz. Turns out Andy’s first pedal was an MXR Phase 90. If you, like me, need pedals, then you need to see this.

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