Watch an Incredibly Detailed 1-Hour Presentation from DOOM Composer Mick Gordon

doom soundtrack composer mick gordon

This one’s a little old, but we’ve just stumbled across a killer video presentation of composer Mick Gordon outlining the way he tackled his soundtrack to 2016 video game DOOM. 

It’s a long one, but totally worth it. The talk covers a lot of ground, from genuine sound and video game design tips to some surprisingly inspiring advice regarding failure and working within a creative team.

doom soundtrack composer mick gordon

Fan of DOOM or video game production in general? Watch an incredible one hour chat from Mick Gordon, the composer behind the game’s now-famous soundtrack.

If you want to dive straight into something juicy, I recommend starting around 10 minutes in when Gordon starts describing how he found the ‘DOOM Sound’; a sine wave paired with a ring modded noise wave. Simple enough, right? It goes a loooong way.

At 15 minutes he also describes a pretty mind blowing technique which was inspired by Tony Visconti, in which his output audio morphed according to mixed input from four different signal chains.

Check it out below:

Via Reddit.

While you’re here, check out 15 minutes of new DOOM Eternal gameplay.

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