Watch Alan Howarth Explain the ‘Escape From New York’ Soundtrack

By April 22, 2019News, Production, Synths

In Alex Ball’s latest video, he has interviewed Alan Howarth. Howarth was one of John Carpenter’s key collaborators, working alongside the director and composer for a string of hit films in the 1980s.

In this interview, he sheds light on the process of scoring the Carpenter’s cult classic, ‘Escape From New York.’

Cigarettes, coffee and a whole lot of gear. In this interview, Alan Howarth explains what went into the synth heavy soundtrack for ‘Escape From New York.’

Howarth, who got his break working on ‘Star Trek: the Motion Picture’, got the call from Carpenter.

They worked together in Howarth’s home studio, which was packed with ARP synths and sequencers, a Prophet 5, a Linn LM-1 and more.

Perhaps key to the success of the partnership was the division of roles. While Howarth was decidedly focussed on the technical aspects of the production, he explains that Carpenter’s interest was to “light cigarettes, have coffee and play black and white notes.”

Watch the interview below:

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