Watch A Detailed Video Tour Of Dave Smith’s Office And Personal Synth Collection

By July 24, 2017News, Synths
dave smith instruments office tour DSI synth4ever

When you’re talking synth idols, Dave Smith has to be up there in my top five. He might even be numero uno.

The top dog at Dave Smith Instruments (DSI) and pioneer of the Prophet series, the OB-6 and a wealth of other gear, he’s undoubtedly shaped the world of modern synthesis (and will likely continue to).

dave smith instruments office tour DSI synth4ever

Want to know what Dave Smith himself keeps in the office? Check out a new studio tour courtesy of Youtube channel synth4ever.

In a new video from synth4ever, DSI’s own Carson Day takes us through the studio, including Smith’s own office.

The video is over 25 minutes long, and Day spares no detail the whole way through. He’s obviously been with the company for a while, being full of anecdotes, history and tidbits about each piece of gear and memorabilia he encounters.

Check it out below:

Via Synthtopia.

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