Watch a Sound Design Masterclass from the Composers of ‘Cleaning Up’

The composers of British TV series Cleaning Up have shown what goes into its bespoke soundscape. The mini documentary is courtesy of Spitfire Audio. Luckily for us, there’s a sample pack too.

Watch as Peter Jobson and Paul Saunderson create unique sound design for a TV show. You can also download the sample pack.

Inspired by the script, the composers set about creating designing sounds around London’s financial district. In other words, the literal sound of money.

The footage shows how the composers developed a Kitchen Drumkit. This meant coins colliding and spinning in pans, fridge doors slamming and more.

The pair then take it to the studio, further developing the sound design with more traditional instruments, but treated in unconventional ways.

Head over to Spitfire Audio to download the Kitchen Drumkit.

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