Watch a Self Narrated History of Jimmy Page’s Telecaster

By April 10, 2019Guitar, News
Jimmy Page's Telecaster

To celebrate the launch of the limited edition ‘Mirror’ and ‘Dragon’ Telecasters Fender has released a new animated video detailing the history of Jimmy Page’s famous guitar, narrated by the rock legend himself.

jimmy page telecaster

Watch a psychedelic animation detailing the history of Jimmy Page’s infamous Telecaster, narrated by the guitar legend himself.

Originally announced last year, Fender has officially launched the Custom Shop ‘Mirror’ Telecaster, with the ‘Dragon’ soon to follow. The guitar is based on a ’59 model that was gifted to Page by Jeff Beck upon joining the Yardbirds.

Page gave the guitar the ‘Mirror’ makeover in 1967, adding eight mirrors to the body. “I wanted to make it so you could shine light onto other things, so it could be kinetic as well as a channelling vehicle for music.”

It wasn’t long before Page thought of a makeover, painted in what he calls “a kind of opp art way… a real custom made psychedelic guitar”. Page came up with the ‘Dragon’ design, which was the guitar he played in Led Zeppelin’s first performances and on most of the band’s self-titled first album.

For more information about the famous guitar check out Fender’s website and watch the film below.


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