Watch a ROLI Seaboard Get Cut, Sawed, Sliced and Hammered

look mum no computer

If you’ve ever played the curious instrument that is the ROLI Seaboard, you may have wondered a few things about it, like how do you do pitch bends? Why is it so squishy? And what’s inside?

Well, a team of musical and destruction-ready YouTubers at this year’s Thomann Synth Reactor event proceeded to find out, and no surprises they were led by none other than Look Mum No Computer.

look mum no computer

Ever wondered what’s inside a ROLI? Well, thanks to the hacking, slicing and sawing of this bunch of bloodthirsty YouTubers, you can now peer into the guts of the new MIDI controller.

After a bit of a fiddle around with ROLI’s new midi controller, the group persisted to use just about any method possible to open up the instrument. It was something like a high school biology dissection, that saw at least five minutes of cutting, drilling, sawing and hammering the poor controller, which actually was quite resistant to the persistent efforts of the ferocious pack.

“So yeah… we took a ROLI Seaboard apart to see what the squishy stuff was made of!Shoutout to simon the magpie, and all the awesome youtubers annannie, Jadewii, Once Upon a Synth, DIVKID, Gaz williams henning pauly!!!! and Musikhaus Thomann for a sick weekenddd,” stated LMNC.

Check out the video below.*Trigger warning* Contains violence against instruments.

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