Watch a Detailed Comparison of the Behringer Model D and a Minimoog

By May 1, 2018News, Synths

Ever wonder how the new Behringer Model D stacks up against the original Minimoog? Youtuber Starsky Carr has done us all a huge favour and made a detailed comparison video of the two monosynths.

The Behringer Model D was released to much fanfare, claiming to clone the legendary Minimoog. But how do they really compare? Watch this video to find out.

In the extensive comparison, Carr puts both machines through their paces, testing oscillators, filters, FM mode, overdrive and some more freeform playing with ambient effects.

While Carr mentions that there are slight discrepancies in the tuning capabilities (with the Model D slightly more temperamental) and overdrive tone (with the Minimoog a touch more mellow), he was continually floored by the Model D’s ability to completely clone the sonic characteristics of its forebear.

The general consensus is that the Behringer does a remarkable job of mirroring the Minimoog classic sound, which makes the ultra-affordable price tag all the more staggering.

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