That’s FM All Right: Watch A Demo Video Of The Rare And Magnificent Yamaha DX5 In Action

By September 14, 2017Happy, News, Synths

We’ve stumbled across a demo video of the very rare Yamaha DX5, a machine which sits somewhere between the more famous DX1 and DX7 synths.

And we’ve got to say, it sounds fat. The DX5 actually sports dual 6-operator FM synth engines, effectively giving it the power of two DX7s. Yummy.

yamaha dx5 demo

Yep, that’s FM all right. Watch the very rare Yamaha DX5 in action thanks to a demo video from Youtube user CLASSIC VINTAGE.

In most other facets, this keyboard is basically a more affordable rendition of the DX1, the difference being a lack of heavy wood panelling and ployphonic aftertouch on the keys.

Check it out below. Headphones recommended, obviously.

Via Yamaha Synth.

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