Want a legit Roland TR-808 emulator for free? Dutch techno master Legowelt has got you covered

By November 4, 2016Features, Happy, Software
roland tr-808 emulator

Those well-versed in scouring the web for free plugins might yawn at the prospect of yet another drum machine emulation, but the Smackos 808 simulator, the latest free plugin offer from Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt) and Jimi Hellinga, is absolutely killer.

808 emulation

Dutch techno master Danny Wolfers  – aka Legowelt – has released a free emulation of his very own Roland TR-808 drum machine for Ableton Live users. Get some.

This 808 is a step up from most you’ll find out there. Legowelt doesn’t shy away from saying so either, claiming on his website: “Tired of all those modern Roland 808 drumkits that sound like soggy biscuited sock? Weak claps and small sized snares???????… You worries are over”.

So, as you can read, the boys are keen (that’s seven question marks). What makes it so good – aside from being free – is that the sounds are sampled from Legowelt’s own 808 and modified to incorporate extra tasty elements. This allows the user to dial in extra noisefloor and fiddle with ‘Transistor Spread’ technology, which will “take the virtual circuitboard simulation of the 808 to the brink of insanity” and vintage tape emulation “for that smudgey magnetic 808 sound.” It even comes in browser based form so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of the internet to start jamming.

You do, however, need the latest version of Ableton to run the Smackos 808. But if you are an Ableton user, you’d be crazy not to give this free instrument a crack. It’s been curated by a tasteful techno operator and you can listen to samples and download at Legowelt’s website.

Legowelt is also responsible for a killer Amiga 909 drum emulation which you can check out here.

Have a look at Legowelt’s studio below and have a froth over his insane synth collection.

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