Wampler Unleashes the ‘Do-it-All’ Fuzztration Octave Fuzz

By November 21, 2018News, Pedals

Wampler has released a new fuzz that aims to cure a condition known as Fuzztration, or in their own words, “Fuzztration (noun): The torturous feeling of desperation when searching for THE perfect fuzz.”

The new fuzz is touted to be a ‘do-it-all’ device, packing in vintage fuzzy tones, all the way to modern sludge and doom.


Looking for that fuzz that covers everything, a perfect one-stop shop? Ease your frustration with the new Wampler Fuzztration.

The core of the Fuzztration’s flexible sound is a three-band EQ with an added switch for voice selecting. Wampler claims the new pedal has a “full sculpting capability to dial in whatever tone you want without needing magic vintage mojo.”

At the same time, this pedal is capable of some seriously heavy fuzz, just in case you want to throw the vintage out the door and delve into a deep underworld of tone that Wampler describes as “dark, sludgy and writhing with a depth to it like piping hot magma bubbling just below the surface.”

An interesting addition is the octave effect, which can be activated pre or post fuzz for a whole range of noisy textures.

The unit has a top-mounted input and output jacks and can be powered by 9V to 18V.

For more information take a look at Wampler’s product page.

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