Walrus Audio Unveils the Slö Multi Texture Reverb

By April 16, 2019Guitars, News, Pedals

Boutique pedal makers Walrus Audio have launched the Slö Multi Texture Reverb pedal. It’s just the thing if you’re looking for ambient tails with a deep and dreamy modulation.

Walrus Audio have debuted the Slö Reverb pedal. If you’re looking for endless ambience or detuned wooziness, it’s got you covered.

For a pedal of humble proportions, it packs a lot of features into its front panel.

There are knobs for reverb time (decay), cutoff frequency for the reverb tail (filter), a mix knob and a control for the amount of modulation (depth).

The heart of the pedal, however, is determined by its three different modes. Dark mode adds a lower octave to your reverb tail. Rise mode conjures up rich cinematic swells. Dream mode works in conjunction with the sustain switch for latching pads. The extremities of the modes can be controlled via the X knob.

The three modulation waveshapes are sine (smooth up and down pitch modulation), warp (similar to a warped record) and sink (a downwards in pitch modulation that’s similar to a Bigsby).

For more info, head over to Walrus Audio.

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