Walrus Audio Unveils the Emissary Parallel Boost Pedal

By June 12, 2018Guitar, News, Pedals

Walrus Audio have just announced the Emissary Parallel Boost pedal – which delivers two independent circuits of boost – for that all important punch and cut-through in guitar tone.

Two circuits of boosting power are on offer in the Emissary Parallel Boost from Walrus Audio. It’s simple on the surface and sophisticated under the hood.

This double-circuit booster pedal promises to give lead lines a little more energy to poke through the mix, more presence for gentle finger picking and the ability to push amps into breakup territory.

The two knobs couldn’t be more self explanatory – the top knob, labelled “bright” operates a high-headroom JFET circuit with a high frequency emphasis.

The “mid” knob controls the other circuit, which has a toggle switch for targeting 800Hz or 1kHz. You can use either circuit independently or as a blend by cranking up the desired circuit to taste.

Check out Walrus Audio for more information.

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