Walrus Audio Unveils the DEFCON 4 Pedal, Designed by Ryan Adams

Walrus Audio have just announced the imminent release of the DEFCON 4 – which delivers preamp, EQ and boost functions in one pedal. It was designed in collaboration with Ryan Adams.

From the minds of Walrus Audio and Ryan Adams comes the DEFCON 4. It gives you a preamp, EQ and boost functions in one package and looks like it came straight out of the 80’s.

With an aesthetic inspired from the movie, “War Games” and Ryan Adams’ love of all things 80’s, the pedal is designed to give you a highly tweakable front end for single coils and humbuckers alike.

The three band EQ covers low, mid and high frequencies and are able to be toggled individually for bypassing. When you flip the launch switch to go to DEFCON 1, a boost is engaged, which adds 10dB of MOSFET gain to the signal.

Ryan Adams sums it up accurately, saying, “I want this to look like someone from the 80s was pushing the technology they had available at the time.”

Visit Walrus Audio for more details.

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