Walrus Audio Reveals Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo V2

By March 22, 2019Guitar, News, Pedals

Walrus Audio have just launched the Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo V2. It’s smaller than the original, but packs in a host of new features.

Inspired by the jagged peaks and troughs of the Monument Valley, the Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo V2 is Walrus Audio’s latest and greatest contribution to the pulsating sounds of tremolo.

The upgrades to V2 of the pedal include expanded functionality of the side jack. This means you can control tempo externally and control expression for rate, depth and shape. There’s also improved tremolo response across all rates.

The controls include Shape – where sine, square, lumps and random LFO wave shapes can be selected. Division allows you to set divisions based on musical note values.

Rate increases the tempo of the LFODepth adjusts the strength of the effect, while Level controls the overall output.

Another notable feature is the Harmonic/Standard switch. Standard is a full frequency spectrum setting, while the harmonic mode enables a low and high pass split signal style tremolo, akin to Fender Brownface style vibrato.

For more information, visit Walrus Audio.

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