Waldorf Announces the Kyra FPGA Powered Synth

The Valkyrie virtual analog synth landed at Musikmesse earlier this year. It has since found a manufacturing partner in Waldorf and will be called the Kyra.

Waldorf have announced they’ll be taking on the design, manufacturing and distribution of the Valkyrie synth, which will now be dubbed the Kyra.

The FGPA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) architecture has many virtues, which means that a hugely powerful synth can be very cost effective, and can also be updated after the manufacturing stage.

Among the Kyra’s other features include 128 voice polyphony, eight part multi-timbrality, over 4,000 waveshapes and three stereo LFOs.

The effects include EQ, distortion, six-stage phaser and stereo delay. Connectivity is provided with four balanced stereo outputs, headphone output and MIDI via DIN and USB.

The new synth is slated to make a splash at NAMM in 2019.

Stay tuned for updates on the Waldorf website.

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