Vox Continental Reimagined for the 21st Century

By September 5, 2017Happy, Keys, News

One of the archetypal tones of the 60s is back: the Vox Continental has been relaunched as a modern stage piano. 

The unmistakable tone of the of Vox Continental was immortalised by the Doors and the Animals. Now its time for a new generation to get a taste.

The new organ is armed with four sound engines that can be split or layered, meaning that a spectrum of sounds that ranges from organ, to electric piano, to synths can be ably covered.

Coming in 61 or 73 key sizes, with tonal options built around 9 LED based control strips – which control EQ, LFO and the synth envelope, the Vox Continental is a thoroughly hands-on affair and will quickly find a home on stage or in the studio.

Effects-wise, the new model offers up tap-tempo delay, reverb, drive and wah-wah. It also provides inputs expression, rotor speed and damper pedals, along with balanced stereo outputs and MIDI connectivity.

For more details, head over to the Vox website.

Via SOS.

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