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voice over studio

An engaging voiceover can be integral in building a sonic brand. Enmore Audio has a wealth of experience in delivering voiceover recordings with energy and character, suitable for both creative and commercial purposes. We prioritise a collaborative relationship with our clientele, which enables us to deliver voiceovers with quality and efficiency.

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Enmore Audio is an incredibly well-equipped voice over studio, specifically designed for recording with absolute precision and sonic purity. Here’s an overview of our gear and facilities to suit any voice over needs.

The Stable is the room that is best suited to recording voice overs. Like all the rooms at Enmore Audio, it was designed by leading Australian acoustician, John Sayers, and offers an incredibly flat frequency response. A sizeable glass panelled door connects the Stable with the Kitchen: Enmore Audio’s control room. This enables two-way visual and verbal communication between voiceover artist and producer.

Enmore Audio has a wide selection of appropriate microphones for the recording of voiceovers. These range from our large-diaphragm condenser, the Neumann M 147: a premium performer that offers a smooth and detailed representation of the voice.

The Electrovoice RE20 is a bonafide classic dynamic, which is popular in broadcast scenarios the world over. The Shure SM7 is specifically designed for the voice, and can handle everything from rock and roll to the high fidelity voiceover sessions.

The Kitchen is the nerve centre of the recording studio, housing our state of the art Pro Tools recording system. Editing voiceovers to suit any purpose in Pro Tools is lightning fast and can be performed with surgical accuracy. The seamless integration of Pro Tools into Enmore Audio allows sessions to run efficiently, meaning that the voice talent can deliver the best possible performance, and our clients can have their projects turned around in a timely fashion.

Enmore Audio provides a variety of monitoring options to suit the needs of any given voiceover project. Our pair of Mackie HR-824 monitors have been a long time favourite at the studio because they offer an incredibly detailed sonic picture of vocal characteristics. The Genelec 8020C nearfields offer a clear and up-front picture of the voice. Our Sennheiser HD600 headphones allow us to listen at a micro level, to fine tune the sound of any vocal performance.

Enmore Audio has the expertise to deliver voiceover projects for a range of commercial and artistic applications. If you want to chat about your voiceover recording project or want to discuss recording a voice reel, get in touch with Radi or Dan.

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