Vocal Booth and Control Room are level while deliveries of rockwool keep arriving

By October 2, 2010Making Enmore Audio
recording studio inner west

This is more or less still week one since hired help arrived to complete the first two rooms of the space. The two rooms, known as The Stable and The Kitchen are now the same level as we brought up the control room with a layer of green glue sandwiched between two sheets of yellow tongue. We also mentioned caulking all gaps and making good the floors.


Deliveries of insulation starting arriving today (rockwool) and for the first time since the inception of the project it feels like the rooms are going to be too small

Sections of chased walls where previous services lay were (some gas and some electric) have all been filled in with sand cement, no need for commercial flooring guys. So too were the two air vents in the vocal booth (The Stable). Deliveries of stuff keep arriving (massive rolls of insulation today, some rockwool some another kind), and we’re almost certain that by the time we’re finished there will about two square meters of space left. The space is far from looking anything like a recording facility.

gaps in a studio

Regardless of feeling like money is low and we’re short on space, it’s heartening to see any form of development and we’re glad to have the opportunity to document the process while there’s still time to do so. Our builder has assured us that because of the double framing it’s a fairly forgiving process so some of the additional tiling left from the previous room has been left in as can be seen int he image above. Almost 2 skips of waste have already been created from these simple changes.


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