Vixen Mixer for Korg Volca Range Kickstarter Campaign

By October 10, 2017News, Production, Recording, Synths

KVgear has announced the Vixen Mixer to slot in among the Volca range of synths and drum machines.

The Vixen Mixer from KVgear is specifically designed to simplify the workflow of a synth rig made of Korg Volcas. You can back it on Kickstarter now.

With eight inputs (six mono and two stereo), panning, muting and two auxiliary paths, the mixer matches many of the specifications of basic small format models.

Where it becomes specific to the Volca range its ability to power up to eight units with its power hub, eliminating the need to carry around a stockpile of AA batteries. Yet the mixer itself can be powered by batteries, so you can take your jam completely off-grid if needs be.

It also has the same footprint as the Volca series, meaning it can be slotted into purpose built racks alongside the synths.

The Vixen Mixer will also be power compatible with a range of popular Korg synths and samplers, including the Microkorg, Kaoss Pad, Minilogue and Electribe.

The mixer is available on Kickstarter and KVgear.

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