Versatile Overdrive and EQ: J Rockett Audio Designs Unveil the Mark Lettieri Signature Melody EQ/Drive

By February 27, 2018News, Pedals

J Rockett Audio Designs have teamed with Snarky Puppy guitarist Mark Lettieri to deliver the Melody EQ/Drive.

With a massive gain range and six bands of graphic EQ for detailed tone-sculpting: the Mark Lettieri Signature Melody EQ/Drive from J Rockett Audio Designs has a tone for every kind of guitarist.

The two main components of the Melody EQ/Drive are the overdrive control and the six-band graphic EQ. Simple and effective, the gain is dialled in by one knob, with the volume knob controlling the overall output.

The EQ section is post the overdrive section, with each fader able to boost or cut frequencies by up to 18dB. Therefore, it’s capable of tasteful and subtle tonal shifts, all the way up to completely wiping out whole sections of the frequency spectrum. The target frequencies are appropriately set for the guitar’s place in the spectrum, ranging from 100hz to 3.2khz.

For more information, including how to purchase the pedal, visit J Rockett Audio Designs.

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