Vaporize Audio Particles with Zerone from Puremagnetik

Puremagnetik Zerone

Puremagnetik has released a new audio particle splitter, Zerone. This celestial audio effect uses granular processing to chop up any audio signal you can think of. Some would relate this to the type of processing known as “sample and hold“. In essence yes, Zerone is a repeat, time-stretch and stutter-like effect but in practice, it is an elaborate space maker capable of creating glitchy shimmering atmospheres.

In true Puremagnetik fashion, Zerone is designed with an amazing comic-themed graphic UI featuring an almighty cosmic goddess that vaporizes your audio signal with her laser eyes. The two beams light up Zerone’s two parallel granular processors that work to extract small fragments of audio from your signal, which are then time-compressed or expanded.

Zerone from Puremagnetik harnesses the power of parallel granular processing to scatter your sound across the galaxy.

The features of the plugin revolve around the two granular processors with a blend and output knob to control the amount of effect present and its volume. Size allows you to select the length of the segments in which Zerone will manipulate, whereas the Position control dictates which part of the audio is to be processed.

Each channel comes with separate Time and Echo controls for adjusting ambient parameters as well as basic Pan dials for spatially balancing both channels. Turning the Echo and Blend controls up can produce complex ambience soundscapes and by automating other parameters can make your audio sound out of this world.

Zerone succeeds in being a great companion to Puremagnetik’s very own Granule or even a worthy competitor against plugins like Output’s Portal. It is available now exclusively through Puremagnetik’s Spark subscription or on their Patreon page. Those happy to wait can hopefully expect an individual plugin later in the year.

For more info visit Puremagnetik.

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