Vanflet Launches the Station 1 Amp in a Pedal

By May 15, 2019Guitar, News, Pedals

Vanflet has debuted the Station 1 guitar amp. Or is it a guitar amp? Well, it certainly has the power, tone and connectivity you need for the studio, stage and even the bedroom.

Ready for anything – the Station 1 amp from Vanflet provides power, tone and versatility. The fact that it can fit in your backpack is a plus, too.

The amp derives its tone from a 40 watt ECC81 tube, so despite its dimensions, it packs a serious punch. Further to its tone shaping ability are knobs for cutting and boosting treble and bass, a preamp volume, a master output knob and a reverb control (which can also be switched in and out).

The connectivity is provided by a cabinet output, for a traditional setup. There’s an XLR line level output which can be connected straight into an audio interface or mixing desk.

An effects loop input and output are also on hand for hooking up a chain of stompboxes and a headphone output is also on hand for those quiet times.

For more info, visit the Vanflet website.

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