UVI’s Whoosh FX Has All Your Whooshing Needs Covered

By April 30, 2019News, Software
Whoosh FX

Whoosh FX is a new sound design tool from UVI, which focuses specifically on crafting the perfect ‘whoosh’ for TV, films, games and music.

UVI’s new Whoosh FX is the ideal tool for crafting perfect ‘whoosh’ sounds for games, film, TV and music.

UVI’s Whoosh FX incorporates a three-layered engine to generate all manners of whooshing sounds. The software uses a range of sounds as a base, including environmental samples such as fire, water, wind and rocks, as well as purse noise and synthesized sources.

Each sound can be tweaked to your liking through complex envelope designs with the choice of over 400 presets or limitless customisation, enabling you to craft anything from an easy rise to extreme fly-bys.

Other features include doppler-effect modulation, stereo image customisation and speed and warp controls. There’s even a dedicated effects section for EQ, delay, reverb and limiting so you can go through your whooshes with a fine tooth comb without any additional processing.

Head over UVI’s website to get whooshing.

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