Unlock the Sound of the ’80s with the Deckard’s Voice Module

By August 7, 2019News, Synths
Deckard eurorack module

With the increased popularity of Eurorack in the past couple of years, it’s no surprise that most synthesizer companies want to get their hands on a piece of the modular pie. As a result, we are blessed with the announcement of Deckard’s Voice – an entry-level semi-modular synth from expert synth builders Black Corporation.

Deckard’s Voice, much like its predecessor Deckard’s Dream is inspired by the sound of the Yamaha CS-80, which can be heard on timeless soundtracks of Blade Runner and Peter Howell’s theme to Dr Who.

Voice of the ’80s: The Deckard’s Voice from Black Corporation captures the sound of the Yamaha CS-80 in a new Eurorack module.

The synth itself is an entry-level semi-modular synth aimed at encouraging synth lovers to dive into the world of Eurorack modules. The announcement comes from a single recent post on the companies Instagram page and from what we can see, the apple does not fall very far from the tree in the Deckard Family.

From the image alone we have all the attributes of a good synth, a single layer oscillator with detuning and noise controls running into a high and low pass resonant filters with dedicated ADR controls. The LFO section comes with a choice of 6 waveforms with an ADSR envelope for the VCA also.

As far as Eurorack compatibility and versatility goes, Deckard’s voice is more than capable of playing nice with your other modules with a range of CV options on deck including: modulation, brilliance, resonance, pitch, pulse width, envelope level and LFO speed. Contained also is a dedicated output for the envelope and LFO as well as customary master output, mix output and line output.

Visit the Deckard’s Dream website for further details.

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